What is Perfect Room?

Virtual Renovation

We’ve created PerfectRoom as a Virtual Renovation design service – here in Australia – to really help home buyers visualise the true potential of their future home.

PerfectRoom is all about working with Real Estate Agents to improve the user buying experience.

Photo Realism

We provide a 3D photo realistic image of a home’s renovation potential, which many home buyers struggle to visualise.  This acts as the perfect selling tool, something tangible to show buyers rather than asking them to visualise the end result.

The result is the ability to attract more potential buyers, leading to higher sales prices and a shorter sales cycle.


If you’re selling a property that needs work, whether that be minor cosmetic touches or a complete overhaul, PerfectRoom creates the end result to provide buyers with the vision that they often lack.

Research has shown that more than 80% of buyers would like to be shown the potential of a property – and that 1 in 4 properties offered for sale, would benefit from such a service.


We have hand picked our team of talented interior designers and 3D renderers. They are extremely skilled at transforming any property into a home buyers dream.  From designing a room that is dated to completely transforming a dilapidated room, we can do it all.

The PerfectRoom ‘slider’ makes it easy to showcase the room transforming in front of the buyers eyes.  Take it to the inspections on a mobile or tablet as a key sales tool as well as showcasing it on the property listing.

Competitive Advantage

PerfectRoom can provide you with the competitive advantage when selling a property.  We are about opening more doors for Real Estate Agents – room by room.

We believe it is the smarter way to attract more home buyers.